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An essential fact:

Before we get in the discussion about an Eye Exam Cost, it is a must that we cover up some other things. So let us proceed.

The first thing which we have to make our readers aware is when to take an eye exam. Well it differs from person to person, simply for that fact that one’s eye sight adequacy may vary from the other. However in the case of children, experts recommend that that they get it done on a regular basis as for the fact that it might prove to be a hazard in their learning and education. The AOA or the American Optometric Association suggests that children should get their eyes examined at the first 6 months of their age! Apart from that, the other span is at the age of three and after that is when they start their schooling. Risk-free children should always continue to get their eyes checked in a gap of two years till the point when they reach 18.

Eye Exam CostWe all know that eyes are an important organ of our body and so it has to be taken care of properly. It is also among those sensitive portions of our body which gets prone to diseases, germs, injuries, infection or hazards quite often. If not tended to, then it may lead to numerous risky predicaments.

As for the grown-ups are concerned, it is recommended that they get their eyes examined every two years between 18-60 years. At risk adults should conduct such tests more often like in between 6 months span. However if one say comes with some complications or doubts, they can always consult with an eye-care professional.

Eye care examination costs;

Now that we have covered the basic need of eye care and the time span in which both children as well as adults should conduct it, it is time that we shift over to the main topic of discussion which is eye care cost!

Eye care exams are available in several venues including independent eye expert’s office, a medical clinic, hospital of for that matter an eye department and optical shop. There are also many large retailers such as Costco and Target which provide eye care tests. However the cost of an eye care differs significantly depending on the kind of exam one is doing and several other factors such as

Whether the eye care exam is being conducted by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist and whether the exam comprises of contact lens fitting or other such similar services. On a rough estimate, an eye care exam costs about $50 (giving or taking) and that to at an optical chain or a retail store. However that cost jumps rapidly and becomes double when it conducted in a medical clinic or an eye specialist private chamber or office. Also  another thing the readers must be made aware is that eye examinations for contact lenses almost cost more than the routine or regular eye examination as it needs updating the eye glasses prescription.

Also when scheduling for an eye exam, one should freely enquire about the costs which are going to be incurred. As said above the prices may vary depending on the comprehensiveness of the eye test and the level of skills which the eye examiner has. Make sure that just before calling; details such as namely- the insurance, the history of early eye exams, i.e. if done before, the family history and most importantly the present condition of the eye sight along with the current age are in at visible range. This will prevent the possibilities of being fooled by treacherous eye-care centres and also by paying up more than the necessity.

There are many readers who may ask that whether would be able to get an eye care for free!

Well if one qualifies, they would be able to obtain cost-free eye insurance. Also some localized organisation or charity may feel generous to help them. Medicare is a place where such programs are dealt with. One can visit their website and check for such programs.


So all in all the important thing which everyone should do is to take good care of the eyes and if needed get them checked them out once in a while. It will prove to be beneficial for them and no one else. Hopefully reading this article proved to be enlightening!

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Eye Exam Cost